Alternative Health Care Modalities

Karan Schneider PhD., MS, BBA, CH-C, SC-C, GC-C
National Board Certified by:
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals as:

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Grief Counselor & Spiritual Counselor

Advisory Board Member for Spiritual Counseling

“Mind Actualization is Body Realization” . . .Karan

Alternative Health Care Modalities is an optional means of healing the body, mind and spirit while still understanding the organic and functional ways you body needs to heal. Not abandoning your present practitioner, only seeking a mind, body, and spiritual healing that accompanies your current health care.

The relations to healing the body and the effects of the mind it has on the body are only are in beginnings of a new world opening up to the Western practices. Guided Imagery and Visualization are ways known to cleanse and heal many areas of your life, body, mind and spirit.

Some subjects addressed in the clinic are:

*Subtle Energy Therapy
*Finding Your Inner Self in true Perception
*Bach Flower Essence Therapy
*Angel Therapy
*Chakra Balancing
*Color Therapy
*Instruction in Meditation
*Instruction in Prayer with Purpose including the 4 Spiritual Keys
*Spiritual Counseling
*Grief Counseling
Guided Imagery in Various Therapies
*Sound & Music Vibrational Therapy
*Crystal Bowl Tone for Chakras
*Inner Self Healing
*72 Names of God & the Basics of Kabbalah
*Angels – Demons, The aspects of Positive vs. Negative

Mind actualization is the body realization in the balancing the body in every cell, atom, level and aspect of the body. While lowering the stress and gaining control over your inner self and not allowing other people and situations to control your emotions and responses.

Body balancing also has to do with notes/tones and frequencies to correspond with the healing of the body. Chakra balancing works with this, as well as colors and internal memories and emotions relating to many physical health problems. Many physical ailments are and can be cured through the power of the mind.

Crystal bowl tones have a wonderful healing in the notes corresponding to the body, releasing past feelings as in hypnosis. Hypnosis is directional in the imagery and time/space lapse where other healings sometimes cannot be brought about so easily, only the emotional letting go. Major blocks such as dissociations, repressions and post-traumatic stress disorders are healthy processed memories, new response patterns are released. Once major blocks, such as these, are released simple response healings are achieved in other emotional healings.

Take time for the universe and the universe will take time for you; since God created the universe.

The name of my almost finished book is:
Copyright DEC. 2003

Karan A Schneider PhD., MS, BBA, BA, CH-C, SC-C, GC-C

“Guarding your mind and learning how to guard your own mind, is the beginning of peace.” . . . Karan

The Misdiagnosis of Hypnosis, copyright 2003

Inner Self Healing looking through eyes of a Spiritual Hypnotherapist in the sessions of Hypnpotharapy/Hypnosis/Hypnoanalysis & Self Hypnosis in a Spiritual Process. A view of the subtleness of evil and the subtleness of good in the way they both are perceived and allowed into one’s own mind.

This book is the subtle reality to the invisible evil/devils and heavens good/angels in the visible temporal world we all exist in. According to Carl Jung, these devils and angels are archetypal presences known as negative and positive attributes of the personality.

According to an exorcist they are demons or angels. Whether you visibly see them or not with your eyes open is not the debate, there is a warfare of the spirit. So many people grow tired of sound doctrine and look for a new presentation.


And whom is presenting it?

Can sound doctrine be presented in a new manner for a healing modality?

Possibly these modalities have existed, and remain covered up by the diabolic’s ways, only to interpre t them as just evil; the way they are only presented? Satan’s agenda and his ‘sound doctrine’ is mockery to any God given healings. When science gives enough facts to prove sound doctrine where will religion be by then?

There will be no need to prove sound doctrine if science and religion was not split. When science proves religion you are back to proving sound doctrine of religion and healing.

Realizing all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and it’s relation to prayer and meditation and inner healings of the body, mind and soul. This self-hypnotic process occurs everyday inside of you and has an impact on you from the time you were conceived until you die. Understanding your self in any process is a change, and change occurs no matter what the process. You have chosen a change by reading this and will choose how you will respond in your self-hypnotic process that follows. A process of guarding your mind to reflect your dream. Self-hypnosis is the first journey you will take and experience in your life. It is a journey within a journey through feeling prayer and meditation, with choices and challenges wandering into the mirror of various semiotics.

My question to you: How do you want to reflect your dream?

How will you reflect your dream?

This book is written from a love intention, knowing everyone is your guide, whether an angel, a spouse, a friend, a hypnotherpist, a practitioner, etc…It is in the transformation the intention is changed and, in changing this intention, your heart center is open. A center welcoming a journey in the non-local mind, realizing coincidences are messages and how to “feel” them in your new love center, the heart. Messages change you, you do not change them. Messages are your map to the buried treasure chest that contains all within your mind, body and soul. If you change the map you may not find your treasure chest; If you change the message you change your destiny.

Where ever you are right now, you are on your journey. When you cannot find your path, journey or treasure chest, you already did the second you asked the question, “Where is it?” You found it and you are already on the journey and opening the chest, you only needed to bring it to attention to actualize it using the spiritual keys. This treasure chest is the heart center of The Sacred Heart.

Art, Hypnoanalysis and You?
What is in the Back of Your, Mind?

~~This chapter correlates with gifts from the angels and the guidance of God.

My angel jewelry is created from the inside out representing the core belief passion colors of the soul to assist your Emerging Wings, Unaware. With being a visual and created from the inside out in the Emerging Wings, (a metaphor of us mirroring the angels and our process of creation from the inside out and reflecting this) it coincides with this book and the Peace & Protection Plan from the angels for opening your heart center. The translucent, yet opaque look at the same time, gives the jewelry a multi dimensional value as you see the levels of finely layered colors in the Emerging Wings, Unaware. An inside out rainbow of angelic colors and passions!

The angel jewelry is the visual representation for your daily reminder of your inner process of self-hypnosis and the relation to prayer and meditation. The handmade jewelry is a spiritual visual force in knowing your core beliefs emerge like the wings of the angels; a true seed of internal conversion.~~

Alternative Health care Modalities
Emerging Wings, Unaware

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Products for the visual evoking a semantic sensory, language of emotions

Alternative Health Care Modalities

Karan A Schneider Ph.D., MS, BBA, CH-C, SC-C, GC-C
National Board Certified by American Institute of Health Care Professionals as:
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Grief Counselor

Various Modalities Offered:

*Grief Counseling-Death, divorce, separation, job loss, retirement, and health issues are just some losses we encounter along our path to healing inside. *Spiritual Counseling-For the Spirit from a Christian view including Instruction in Prayer with Purpose including 4 Spiritual Keys. *Angel Therapy- Learning the guidance of the Angels and their qualities to assist you.

*T-Self Awareness Insight Guide- Finding Your Inner Self in True Perception with a self balance guide I created and will be featured in my book. *Hypnosis & Holistic Hypnotherapy-Guided Imagery for various improvements of your choice or for symptom habits removal. *Instruction in Meditation-Quieting the mind to master your inner dialogue in coincidences, messages and synchronicity with God.

Subtle Energy Therapies such as:

*Color Therapy-This is an energy therapy using all five senses to create a psychobiologic change. This is a change that oscillates a balance between

*Chakra Balancing- Various sessions and methods offered create a subtle balance from a system that comprises the colors of the rainbow and human healing elements.

*Bach Flower Essence Therapy- A holistic approach to a subtle energy vibration restoring harmony in awareness and the Soul to Personality. It is a particular energy wave-length in tune with the frequency of the human energy field. It is not a medicine, so there is no interaction with any current medications taken. It is a vibration to match misaligned frequencies and realign them at the emotional and mental levels. This therapy is great for animals

*Sound & Music Vibrational Therapy-The creative use of sound is probably one of the best ways to produce the correct mix of brain waves to synchronize the frequencies we hear. These indigenous instruments and sounds, including nature are used in all therapies. This also includes Quartz Crystal Bowl Tones Therapy for Chakras.


Bach Flower Essences and Nelsons Products for Homeopathic Remedies.

Group Sessions Available.

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Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.