My Original Art Figures have the artistic expression and quality craftsmanship, individually sculpted in polymer clay, creating a detail of realism. The use of coloring, texture and costuming are added to finish a balanced theme. The sculptures are a collection of tradition, myth, legend, and yesteryear. I have figures already made to purchase or they can be commissioned from a concept of your choice.

In addition to original sculptures, I also do original artwork in figure animation, authentic automata, marionettes, ladies and a true favorite of mine--Renaissance pieces and reproductions of the Old Masters' works. Other popular themes of my designs are figurine Santas and poseable porcelain Angels. Whether a collector or a lover of fine art, my work is intended to please the viewer and compliment one's decor of living.

I am an artist who lives in Northeastern Ohio. I enjoyed two dimensional art until 1981 when I started to study three dimensional works with a local artist. For the next six years, I studied the structure of the different clays and basic mold-making techniques. Applying this knowledge, I progressed to one-of-kind sculptures with each piece radiating a lifelike essence. My first collectible was copyrighted in 1988 with progressive works added on an ongoing basis. It is my privilege to be able to express myself through my work and I thank God, my family, my friends and my clientele for their continued support and confidence.

Some of my teaching specialties include:

• Lady Doll Sculpting
• Authentic Automata Building
• Santa Sculpting
• How to Use Push Molds
• Creating Figures and much more from push molds
• Silicone Rubber Mold Making
• Figure Sculpting
• Armature and Form Building
• Ornament Creations

My professional vitae resume details my experiences and accomplishments in the professional field of Figure Design and Sculpting. I have vast experiences in teaching, lecturing and providing one-on-one, as well as group instructions in sculpting, automata, and mold making. I am most willing to set up a time to meet in person and display samples of my actual art, including photos of completed figures. Please visit the Seminar Page for more information.




Breyer State University:
Ph.D. in Science of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Counseling, September 2005.
Master of Science in Art, December 2003.
Master of Spiritual Counseling, June 2004.
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, March 2003.

Canyon College:
Clinical Hypnotherapist, January 2004.
Grief Counselor, May 2005.

National Board Certified by The American Institute of Health Care Professionals:
Clinical Hypnotherapist, November 2003.
Spiritual Counselor, August 2004.
Grief Counselor, May 2005.
Advisory Board Member for Spiritual Counseling, September 2005.

Valid substitute teaching certificate for the state of Ohio,
Multi-Age (Age 3-21/Grade PK- 12, Long Term, June 2011.

Alternative Health Care Modalities, October 2003 to Present Subtle energy healing with the multidimensional human anatomy with various modalities for integration of the body/mind/soul in science of the mind. Business owner and operator through the Center for Clinical Hypnosis. National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual & Grief Counselor through the American Institute of Health Care Professionals. As a Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotherapist and Grief Counselor I work with clients in many areas including stages of inner self healings, post traumatic issues, various relationships, reading the Bible to the lost language of God, angels, demons, meditations, quantum levels of understanding in various areas. In furthering studies I offer other modalities currently in practice such as Chakra Balancing/Cleansing, Art & Color Therapy, Sound & Music Therapy, Guided Imagery, Relaxation Methods, various forms of meditation and breathing techniques such as Qigong in mind actualization and healing the immune system. Eliminating/working with current miasms with client defines a root cause for a psycho-spiritual dynamic change. Current work includes, Color Healing-Sun Energy Charged Water Therapy, Bach Flower Essence Therapy and Gem Elixir Therapy for increased healing of physical and subtle energy bodies. These methods apply lowering stress levels to increase inner peace and forgiveness and an understanding how emotions and colors affect the body in its hidden physiological reaction with the way subtle anatomy, autonomic system, nervous system and organs reacting to stress of any kind correlating to the chakra system. Incorporating the use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and HSP (High Sensory Perception) brings awareness to my clients on the issue of change and utilizing representational systems involved. Actualizing systems, processes, stages, or phases automatically is a direction of balance or imbalance of the body, mind and soul for homeostasis and pathology. The impact of loss is addressed in any situation such as physical death, divorce, abuse, surgery or inner self-healing through psychobiological response. These processes are an aid in utilizing and to eliminate fears/anxieties realizing how to begin and achieve various relationships encountered in life. For more on this subject refer to the end of the resume of a description of my book and many methods I developed, including a color/emotion/self actualization guide, called The T Self Awareness Insight Guide. I work with various ages including the youth from age 8 to aging adult. Lectures on various topics that include arts, alternative health care, angels, the mind/body/soul function are a few of the many topics I offer. Refer to: University of Pittsburgh & for more information on the health benefits of Alternative Health Care. Refer to: on Breyer State University by Mr. John Rutherford, Ph.D. MBA (Stanford University Online) Secretariat Ivy Universities Corp. Refer to: on BSU being licensed by the Department of Post-Secondary Education of the State of Alabama.

Karan A. Schneider Collection, January 1988 to present

Since1988, I have owned a self-developed business called “Karan A. Schneider Collections.” In 1988 the first collectible was copyrighted and since then have developed and added progressive works on an ongoing basis. This includes the recent Angel and Alternative Health Care Modalities products introduced in 2004 through another business started called “Emerging Wings, Unaware.” My business specializes in angels, polymer creations, original sculpted figures, silicone rubber mold making, votives, barrettes, angel healing visuals, faux gemstone pens, authentic automata, lady dolls, reproductions of old masters works into three dimensions, fairies, and many Christmas specialties. This is a semi-active retail and wholesale business, with international distribution available, including marketing and selling specialty supplies for the sculpting and figure making. I have developed full skill seminars and classes for the beginner to the professional, lectured in various cities across the United States, assisted in project coordination at conventions, and marketed various products and supplies at shows and conventions which resulted in increased sales. Won numerous awards at National Art Shows, and achieved world recognition for sculpting, I was selected by Hillary Rodham Clinton to create Christmas Tree Art Work for the White House in 1999. Authored and published internationally in Sculpting books and magazines. I have also written articles for other artists. Featured in the books, “Designing the Doll” and “Finishing the Figure,” both by Susanna Oroyan. Original art pieces have been created for famous physicians, attorneys, Las Vegas managers, and celebrities including Richard Simmons. Studied with the renowned studios such as Creager Art for their ethnic dolls, Mr. George Stuart (historian and figure sculptor) having his own museum dedicated to him in Ventura, California, and Martha Armstrong-Hand who worked for Walt Disney for many years.


Numerous awards at National Art Shows.
Custom porcelain angel in the White House, 1992.
Select artwork for the White House in 1999.
Peace & Protection Plan first introduced to The White House in August of 2004,
with Emerging Wings, Unaware art as the visual for peace from the Angels.

Authored and published Internationally in Sculpting Books.
Various “how-to” articles in International Magazines such Doll Crafter and Dollmaker articles from 1996 to 2003.
Two angels (one custom made) are part of Richard Simmons private angel collection which have been shown in his collection on television numerous times.

"Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God."

Psalm 68